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Aaron Massey
Web Developer - Fitness Junkie - Dog Whisperer


I'm a self taught programmer transitioning from Electrical Engineering to Full Stack/Software Development. Currently, I code in HTML/CSS/JavaScript/ReactJs and am working to become proficient with NodeJs. When I’m not developing, you can catch me picking up weights then putting them back down and using genjutsu to amass an army of dogs. Want to work together? I’d love to hear from you.

I am currently in the process of coding for 180 days straight! Find out more about this challenge below. Click the link in the nav to jump to that section!

Most current project:

Date Facts


180 Websites in 180 Days

For this challenge, I am coding every day for at least 3 hours for 180 days straight. I originally started with the idea of building a web app a day for 180 days but with life constantly getting in the way I had to pivot. I got the original challenge from Jennifer Dewalt. Check her out if you want to see some really cool projects built in a day!

I am really excited with this challenge so far because it has forced me to learn new skills that I probably would not have started without it. I still have many more projects to complete so be sure to stick around! You can follow along on here, Github, and my blog!


Day 73: Date Facts
Day 71: Game of Life
Day 69: Fizz Buzz!
Day 67: Asteroids
Day 66: High Card
Day 63: Rhymes!
Day 61: In There!
Day 60: MadLib
Day 59: Blobby
Day 56: Open Note
Day 55: Snake
Day 54: Black Rain
Day 53: Minesweeper
Day 51: Drumkit
Day 49: Github Jobs
Day 46: Wish
Day 45: Gifs Galore
Day 44: PokeApp | (V2)
Day 43: Metronome
Day 40: React Simon!
Day 26: Color Game
Day 24: Pixel Draw
Day 22: Music Boxes
Day 18: Book Shelf
Day 16: Trivia!
Day 14: #Hustle
Day 12: Take A Quiz!
Day 09: Recipe Box | (V2)
Day 06: Stopwatch
Day 02: Homepage

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